Both Sides Now, Inc
Gay Lesbian Ohana Maui

Both Sides Now has been rooted in Maui Hawaii for 21 years and has been Incorporated as a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization for 10 years. A Board of Directors (BOD) oversees and manages the entity in terms of no more than two years run concurrently. As required, a charter or by-laws were written and amended, as the as the individual BOD's have come and gone, changed, grew, and modernistic ideas were introduced.

Mission Statement

The basic philosophy will ever remain. "The purpose of this organization shall be toward the promotion of mutual cooperation, celebration and group interaction as expressions of our sisterhood and brotherhood, who are linked together by an indissoluable chain. On this basis we form our friendships and establish connections, as a forum for social interaction, advocacy for full legal and social rights for gay, lesbian and bisexual people."

Goals and Objectives

BSN-GLOM will attempt to reach its goals through education, outreach, political action, health and social agenda as it works towards improving the quality of life and full acceptance of the members chosen lifestyle.

Our Logo

The character emblems of BSN Inc., were recently included; the kneeling petroglyph symbolic of serving our community. The triangle and rainbow which are symbolic throughout all gay and lesbian organizations (since the 70's). Most recently the addition of a tree, symbolic of life, to embrace growth, health, and continuation, to honor our "roots" as well as our future. (Our future lies in the contribution of the acreage in Kula donated by a generous supporter, on which we prepare to plant lavishly with trees and build a community center .) The summer of 96 a contest was held for submition of a new logo, the entries were numerious and a single entry was chosen from a local artist. See new logo soon.

More on BSN

The various branches of our organization have sprouted to thrive and prosper and yet many boughs have not come to bear the sweet fruit intended nor are no longer feasible or current goals**.

A Commitment to the Future

The BSN Board of Directors invites appicants to apply for the Board. Men and women who wish to develop and strengthen their team building skills are encouraged.

Contact/E-mail the Board of Directors for more information.